My first game with Python

In the last 3 days, I have started learning and exploring Python. Many of the webpages said that it is easy to code in Python and the code talks back to the developer when he/she visits it even after a long time in way where the gist is understood within no time.

Below is the link to my git-hub code where i wrote a program that holds an arrays of 4 words and the user has to guess the randomly generated word using the banked-spaces clue. The code is in Python 3.3.4


Angular Dart : Flight School : GDG Hyderabad

I have attended the Angular Dart session called the FLIGHT SCHOOL in the Google Hyderabad over the weekend on 22/2/2014 organized by Google Developer Group - Hyderabad (#GDGHyd). Dart is a programming language from Google that's built on Object Oriented Programming and is an open source. 
So what? We have a post on it's way that teaches the basics of DART. 
Below are the few snaps from the event.

Redis NO SQL database: some hands on

Over the last ten days, I was busy with a family get together. Hence, not posts and I cannot blog anything than technology and related here.

What I did in the last three days is working on a simple application that gets and sets data and perform CRUD operations on Redis: Key-Value pair NO SQL database technology.

Will upload the code in github sometime this week. see you.

Agile Methodologies ::Building Blocks: Episode 5

During few Coffee time breaks in the last 2 weeks, we a group of 4-5 people have been discussing about Agile and one of my friend asked me -

what is that ONE THING, that is SO GOOD with AGILE that can made this methodology happen and work for so many.
 As always it was, we did have one of our friend supporting waterfall model.
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Here is (are?) my answer(s) :

 ü  Agile is all about developing a part of the application in iterative cycles (sprints). 
ü  At the end of the sprint, a minimal deliverable product that is part of the actual application is delivered. This means, a team or an individual is not dealing with too many things at a time.

ü  When it comes to the manager’s point of view, it means that he or she can see what is going good or what's going bad with the development strategy is. 

ü  When it comes to the owners of the product i.e., the  higher management, it gives them an opportunity to look at how the current application is, assess against the odds on how it’s going to fare.

ü  Show it to the stakeholders or potential customers and get the feedback from them and work again on the application to do what matters the most to the end user.

In contrast, Waterfall is all about collecting all the requirements and executing them over a long period of time and then delivering them. You never know, when the priority of the consumers is going to change.

MagicTodo -using HTML5,CSS3, JQuery, MediaQueries

Hi All,
As promised yesterday, i have uploaded the code to the git hub and it can be found here.
This is mobile first application designed using media queries + css3. I will let you know, once i convert this file to a mobile app. I am thinking to use PhoneGap for this. I have to get hands on and then do this. so will take some time. I have used the localstorage of the web browser to store the data as a json. See you tomorrow with Agile.

link for source code: https://github.com/eshwaryaddanapudi/MagicTodoList.git

(img: all rights to the owner) 

 (mobile phone screenshot)
(desktop -web browser screenshot)

HTML5, CSS3, $JQuery & localstorage

In the last 2 days, I have got my hands dirty on how to use HTML5, CSS3 and JQuery to do a simple, i mean it, very simple TODO-List using the LocalStorage of the browser.

here is what i have achieved after 2+4 hours of effort in the last 2 days. I will upload the code to Github and share the same with you folks.

trust me, JQuery is awesome with HTML5.

Reinventing the Wheel.

Before we start talking about Agile, I had an interesting talk with my friend about the posts of my blog here. He says that a lot has been talked about code, clean code, best practices, C#, Agile and what not there are too many people with an experience more than my age!!! So he concludes that i was trying to re-invent the wheel.

My answer was simple and straight forward - I understand and I know there are many of them here. Yet, probably I have the ability to put things very simple. I believe that my posts can reach to those who are looking for things that are told in a little easy way.

If we do things which are for a better than the existing one, its always good and its always new. This only means telling the story more cleanly and clearly with a new additions.

See you next week with Agile Methodology :: Episode 5