Mobile Only World :: Crazy talk ends becoming Real :: Flipkart Buys Appiterate

Some crazy statements and topics become reality. We have seen that happen in the past. Today, I see it happen with me and my guess!
It was just 2 days back, I have posted here about a talk that I had with my friend on seeing a mobile Apps only world very soon! I did speak about Flipkart and Myntra and few other eComm sites that have majority of their sales and hits from mobile.

Today, Flipkart has taken their 1st step towards this and it has bought Appiterate. BusinessInsider reports it here.

I gussed It right. Complete Mobile Apps are going to be the future of connectivity/Business

I feel good about myself. This was in 2014, Oct 03. I was talking to my friend late night (1:30 AM) over hangouts and I told him that soon we all will see companies/ businesses move to mobile app only way of communication.

And look at what has happened. A few weeks ago, Myntra, India's eCommerce site that sells clothing has plans to shutdown its website completely and do their business mobile only way! Yes, Flipkart, Indian origin eCommerce company, which owns Myntra said that they now have 70-80% of their sales from mobile app.

Here is a part of my chat with my friend 

Today, EconomicTimes, one of India's most popular newspaper on economics says that many companies are planning to move mobile only way so that they can easily make updates and other offers readily available to the end user via push services which is the easiest way to grab attention and make conversion!

Click here is the complete article. 

Facebook "Hello" app. Can it overtake TrueCaller?

Ahaaa!!! Here we go again. Facebook comes up with one more app for Android. Its called "Hello". To tell you about it in one single line, Facebook wants to replace your default caller app with "Hello".
Official link on Facebook newsroom page: http://newsroom.fb.com/news/2015/04/introducing-hello/

So what is this app about. "Hello" helps you identify who the caller is, when you have an incoming number. It also helps you find details like if its the callers "Birthday" today or it is their "wedding anniversary" etc or helps you know if it is from a common public number that is tagged as either "blocked", "marketing" or any other of this kind.

Facebook offical video

Introducing Hello from Facebook on Vimeo.

But how does it work? As far as I understand from their description and the official video, it is like this:
When you register on Facebook, it asks you for registering with your mobile number if you wish to so as to protect your account in case you lose your password and other details. It also helps you login with single id access.

Thus, Facebook being the largest social networking site, has a huge, huge repository of mobile numbers based on its users. Thus, it tracks users profile picture, personal information such as "birthday"/ "anniversary" and other milestones.

Secondly, when you install Facebook app on your mobile app, the app asks your permission to sync your contacts with your FB account. So, it has contacts for cross reference search.

It syncs contact profile info like profile pic, and other info back into your contacts list for easy to use.

There might be many things that are a guess work in this blog post as the App is still not available for hands-on in India.

But, how did I do the guess work? Well, it is based on this screenshot below.

Facebook with its huge user base that is connected with App and mobile number, it is easy for them to track a person! With Watsapp that is with them, which works purely based on your mobile number is a big-big plus for them. With all these, we are sure that it is a good competitor to apps such as TrueCaller.

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Google Mobile Friendly::Top up

It was just yesterday that I wrote a post on how google is tagging sites "mobile friendly" when the searches are from mobile. Surprising, today they have officially released a statement aying that searches from mobile will be analysed on a new algorithm that is mobile specific.

More here:


Mobile Friendly :: Google categorizes mobile search

We all know that everyone does more search on mobile these days!!! Myntra , an Indian e-commerce site has taken a daring step recently to stop its web portal and run its business purely based on mobile App (iOS and Android and Windows).

Have you ever noticed how Google is placing the search results slightly different in the mobile search than the normal web search? 

A little interest will reveal that it has a small text below the web link stating "mobile friendly". Here is the screen shot.