Agile development Methodology : A series : Introduction

Being a software doesn't mean that you always, all time stick to writing code based on the requirements.

Writing code is a job that makes a software engineer stick around. S/E is the one who makes requirements turn into applications. But, how is it that he/she make this change that helps the client's life turn around?

Everything in life is bound to follow step-by-step procedure. Say for example, reaching destination B from A. The step-by-step procedure is get to the nearest transportation mode at place-A. Get into the transport mode and reach-B. But this doesn't merely solve our requirement.

What else will we do? Find what is the best route and the fastest mode of transport available at place-A that makes us reach place-B faster.

Alright, say if this is the requirement for few hundreds of people out there at place-A at the same time. Assume that everyone takes road, hire a car and reach place-B. This leads to blockage of roads at a junction. How do we control the flow? put in a traffic signal and control the traffic. This is called management by laying down few rules.

Thus everything in life has a step-by-step procedure which has some rules that manage the software life cycle so that the life of S/E moves easy and helps him/her develop a better quality product with high quality coding standards.

To achieve this, there are many methodologies/ methods like waterfall, iterative, Agile etc.

Off late the one that gained importance in the recent times in Agile. Though Agile existed for over 2 decades now. management and developers have started believing that releasing little chucks of working code every now and then which shows some result is more important than a disaster that can possibly occur after all the development is done at one stretch.

So in the coming few posts, just to relax ourselves from hardcore programming we shall focus and understand what makes our life easy being a software engineer.


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