Agile Methodology series :: episode 4

As part of the agile practice assessment, we group of friends, the other day they had a talk about how we feel and what we feel are good and bad about agile. what we feel are okay and what we feel are awesome about agile in comparison with waterfall model which we practiced previosuly.

So, lets get into the topic.

What I like with agile:

1. As a team, we can pick and choose which tasks to complete first.
2. I have the freedom of talking and sharing with my teammates more.
3. With more talking, we felt it was the ideas of the complete team than just a two or three that counted.
4. We have the best oppurtunity of 2-3 brains thinking on a problem, if we are stuck than a single head hitting on the wall for a solution.
5. Estimation is done based on ME and MY TEAM members abilities and skill sets than just picking up few use cases.
6. Minimum documentation to the level of making the new entrants understand the project.

What I hate/dislike/disagree about Agile:

1. Too much freedom or too much of work as tasks are divided for everyday core working hours.
2. Sometimes, it so happens that everyone is busy with the sprint work that I don't get a dedicated helping team member to solve my problem.
3. Too lengthy retrospective and sprint planning meetings.
4. Continuous work allocated. So taking a leave might turn my next day a nightmare.

Points of conflict.

1. Less scope and more scope for INNOVATION
2. Less documetation is a down side and at the same time an advantage
3. Team talk an advantage as well as a disadvantage.
4. Product owner giving tasks based on sprint length makes us lag on the complete knowledge of the project and the work to be done.

We will talk on some points in depth and touch upon few more in the next episode.
Stay tuned! Stay curious!! Stay Healthy!!!


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